Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Thanksgiving- WHOO!

I did it. I threw my money into the capitalism machine (but i did get a discount). I went with two high school guys to watch the latest Harry Potter fare. Interesting. I'm honestly not a big fan. Not that I think it glorifies witchcraft more than C.S. Lewis or Tolkien. It was pretty entertaining. And worth the $5 at any rate.
Tomorrow Amy, the kids and I are driving out to Hugo, OK to have thanksgiving at my new stepmom's house. I'm a little nervous. You see, I haven't met her yet.
So, that should be an eventful visit.
I guess I'll write more about that in the next few days.


Stacy said...

I hope everything goes well with the new step-fam. It's always a bit awkward. Not that I really have any experience with step-families, but my step-grandma always creeps me out. She wants me to call her grandma and stuff and I'm like no way Iris.

Anywho, I was wondering if you'd be so kind as to go to my blog and read the last two entries and determine if I'm on the right track with this. This is sort of the first time I've really tried to articulate my beliefs on this particular piece of doctrine and I just thought I'd get some feedback from a person who agrees with me (at least as far as I know you agree with me:)

Anonymous said...

hey Levi!

i havent had a chance to talk to you in a while, and somehow, i managed to end up at your page!

so anyways - hope everyone is doing good!

talk to ya soon!

--Melissa McCoy

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