Friday, March 03, 2006

The Problem of Relevance

The problem with relevance, as has been said by better thinkers than I, is that it sets the worshipper over the worshipped.
Two thoughts:
  1. What if what the modern, contemporary person needs is not what they think they need or what they want? "What you win them with is what you win them to." I think a good case can be made from less theological ideas that what the modern person needs is a church that embodies community, sacramental/incarnational life, experience, and mystery. Enter the Orthodox Church, which in its best moments exemplifies all of these.
  2. If God specifically outlined the form of worship for the Jews, which was liturgical, and the early Christians were Jews, what form of worship would they have naturally chosen? So, if God has revealed the way in which the Jews were to worship Him and the way in which the heavenly beings worship Him (and by extension, the way we will worship in eternity), then who are we to invent something else and call it worship?


Stacy said...

Touché brother. But your comments drive me back to what I blogged about the other day "the I don't want to be a Chrsitan" post.

If liturgy does not embody God for a person, instead it embodies a world of abuse and holds no relevance. You approach liturgy with a love and reverance for God already in tact.

I'm not saying that modern worship is relevant, I'm saying churches that use it may be a safer environment for a person to forgive the church, learn to trust God, and then move into right and relevant relationship with God.

The "church" as a whole has made a lot of mistakes, and I would assume that the O.C. has not had a perfect track record either. We've got some ground to make up with a generation of historians who only point to our downfalls.

Am I saying that the Holy Spirit can't use the O.C. as it is to reach people???...Not at all, but I am saying that as I work with the lost at my church, I recognize that many of them carry baggage from their Catholic, Lutheran, pentacostal, and orthadox church backgrounds. They may be unjustified to associate their baggage with the church or with God, but it's reality. They must have a safe place to sort things out, ask their questions and get a correct view of God. If they are remain in the reality of their baggage, when trying to approach God they will remian defensive and hard and the beauty of the Body of Christ is veiled!

Stacy said...

You should check out what's at the Joslyn in Omaha right now. The illuminated word. It's really cool.