Friday, May 19, 2006

A Job

Yesterday morning someone from the church next door called me to let us borrow a car for a while. What a blessing!
The wheel did NOT fall off this one.
Then, in the afternoon I was relaxing at the house watching the Geisha movie with my wife when I got a call for an interview with UPS.
I wasn't offered a position yet, but if I get that job, it would be nice. $9/hr. Part time. Benefits. How many part time jobs do you find with benefits? The part time-ness is key because that means I can keep the job come fall time when it's time to go back to class. And that will be nice. And then when I graduate if we're seriously going to move back to Nebraska I probably can transfer and get a pretty good job with UPs in Kearney. Sounds awesome. Please pray that I would get that job or find a different, better one.


Tara Primeaux said...

Hey Levi, if you have not already your kids' carseats need to be replaced after most accidents. If you have insurance they have to cover it, if not call your local fire station and see if they have any. I know there are some places around that give carseats to those who need them. Btw, Shawn has an extra car that he is thinking about selling hint, hint.

Stacy said...

Have you heard on the job yet friend?

Was wondering if you be willing to weigh in on what I have on my xanga. You can comment on my blogspot and I'll check it regularly. I'm just thinking outloud, well sorta....


Stacy said...

Thanks Brotha.

What Scriptura are you reading? What is this baptism to which you refer so often?

Ahh, God's Justice. I don't claim to understand it. If we have no security from or understanding of his Justice, why bother knowing or loving him? If we're just gonna luck out and miss his judgement, I'd rather live for something much easier. The christian walk is no cakewalk, and if God's promises are contingent on some vague, heavenly, supernatural justice...we have no hope!

Stacy said...

Hey friend. Your bride told me to continue the dialogue cuz I didn't understand what you were saying....I can't disagree with Amy (I'm pretty sure that's a sin tucked away in the book of hezakanikah) here i am to ask specific questions to see if I can't gain a better understanding....

You said
"Many early Church Fathers were agnostic when it came to the fate of those outside the realm of the Church. We know that salvation is in the Church through baptism."

What does that mean? Do I know that salvation is "in" in the Church through baptism?

S-P-E-L-L it out for me Levi. I'm kind of dense!

Anonymous said...

what can brown do for you?