Saturday, September 09, 2006

reply to an anonymous comment

a) I would prefer not to have anonymous comment potshots taken at me and my admittedly confusing life.
b) I'm not a youth pastor and I don't know what that part of the comment was meant to imply.
c) I am trying to be an example to my children. Not of perfection, but of being perfected. Yes, I make my fair share of mistakes (in fact, I make everyone's fair share of mistakes), but I own up to my mistakes when they are pointed out to me. Particularly when someone has the respect to tell me personally rather than leave an anonymous comment on my blog.

Please forgive me if I've offended you in any way.


Anonymous said...

not at all a potshot. you put your life out there and as a former pastor you are held to a higher standard.

Because you were a pastor you were supposed to be an example no matter what the cost. Are the teens that you had under you better off because of their time spent with you or did you do more damage then good? did you do more to harm God's name then uplift it?

Owning up to your mistakes and learning from your mistakes are 2 different things. You are like a dog who returns to his vomit. you continue to do the same abhorable things and not learn from them

signing off,

Levi said...

a) Yes, it is a potshot. Driveby anonymous sin-confronting is not exactly Christian or manly.
You have my phone number, if you think you need to confront the sin in my life. Give me a call. Please, at least give me that courtesy.

b) I think that the young people to whom I have ministered are better for the work God has done in their lives through me, yes. Only time can tell.

c) You're right. All too often I return to my sin. I don't, as a practice broadcast my sins. I don't know why you feel this to be an appropriate forum for airing what you feel to be my sins. And I fail to see how this could possibly be constructive.

And yet, again you comment about me and my life, without having the courage to take credit for your statements.