Thursday, January 27, 2005

A Brisk Morning

This morning I rose and crossed the river about thirty minutes after sunrise. The sun was shining in my face, blinding me and warming me.
The river seems to be about a mile across these days, with all the flooding. This river which has for centuries provided fertile soil for farming can destroy roads, homes, lives.
Isn't that a picture of our relationship to God? There's time when it feels like he is overwhelming us, causing our lives to come apart at the seams, or maybe allowing our lives to self-destruct. We feel as if we cannot stand before his terrible wrath.
But He has clothed us in His Son's righteousness. God the Father unleashed all of His wrath against our sin on Jesus when He was in anguish on the cross.
He Himself bore our sins in His body on the tree.
He who knew no sin became sin for our sakes.
He crushed for our iniquities.
Christ, we adore You as the Lord and Creator of all. We worship You as our Benefactor, Sacrifice, and Redeemer. You have redeemed for Yourself a people of constant worship across the globe. We exult in exalting You. Our hearts leap at the mention of Your holy name.
Lord Christ, continue to draw us out of our own selves. Christ, we need You.

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