Friday, March 04, 2005

Emergent Convention

Well, it's official, Amy and I are signed up for the Emergent Convention in Nashville in May. I'm super excited.
I've been reading A Generous Orthodoxy lately and discussing it with the pastor at my church one day a week. It's been really invigorating and exciting. He and I are really coming up with some direction and help for our church context. For instance:
Our church started 30 years ago with a group leaving an extremely separationist tradition. Originally they even named our church from the old tradition. Before long it became obvious they wouldn't remain a part of their home tradition, so they changed the name and bought a building. Since that time our church has been a refuge for people who left or were sent out of. So, in essence our church has a thirty-year history of being an "emerging church" as the practice and theology and methodology of the church has been in transition the entire time, always in flux (even if it is very slow flux).
For this reason A Generous Orthodoxy gives me hope for not only my seemingly dying church, but for all institutionalized churches. There is hope. We don't all need to abandon these groups- we need to work within them for reformation. That was Luther's idea with the reformation. Not that the Church was ready to be jettied, but that we should strive to rework it with new ideas, methods and messages.

On a less serious tone:
Fat Dutch Kid
Watch this video. It made me laugh.

So, I'm recommitting myself to blogging to be ready to blog to the masses my experience in my first time at an emergent convention.

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