Saturday, March 26, 2005

Good Friday

Okay, this year I went to the Holy Thursday Mass at Sacred Heart. It was a beautiful service that has served to focus me more on "the true meaning of easter."

Last night my wife and I led a Good Friday service with the youth of our church. It was extremely dark and melancholy- it was a service written by Steve Case. Anyways, the service went really well, except for some reason very few people came.

Our young people definitely grew from the experience- they always do- but I feel bad having them lead a service that not even all of our elders were at. And only one deacon.

This morning I'm going to a Resurrection Breakfast in my town. It usually has good food, a couple of hymns and some speaker. I think it's supposed to be evangelistic. I can never really tell. I probably wouldn't take my lost high school friends there unless I knew them really well (had earned the right to be heard- and ignored).

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