Friday, March 25, 2005


So, I stood there watching my little angel have a seizure, something I've never witnessed and hope to never witness again.

Tom, Kyle, and I are convinced something is seriously wrong.
The ambulance arrived.
"She sure has beautiful red hair."
The EMTs assure me that the seizure was probably caused by the fever and there's nothing seriously wrong with her.
The ER doctor said the same.
Our family doctor agreed with the ER doctor in Nebraska.

Thanks be to God.

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Steve F. said...

Wow, indeed.

Of all the things I expected to read on your blog, I didn't expect this.

The good news I can share is, I've had two different friends who have had the exact same experience with their kids - high fever, followed by seizure. Fever came down, problem went away, kids are healthy and whole.

Know that you've got a virtual friend in Chicago praying for you, and your daughter. She's a doll...