Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Feeling well?

I'm not so fired up today. I just don't feel very excited about any of this life stuff today. I have class in 45 minutes. I got a thing today that told me I had 48 hours. That means at the end of the semester I'll have 55 hours. How depressing. I'm so far off from even a dang associate's. It will take me forever. Today I want to quit my jobs and move to a college town to focus on college more until I at least have a bachelor's. Who knows what Amy and I would do for a living. We would need to figure something out in that area.

I definitely feel like God has some long range plans I need to find my way into. I think studying and getting myself prepared is a part of being faithful right now, but it's dang hard while I work two jobs and try to spend time with my family. When do I have time for college?

So, I'm in a quagmire here. Do I continue stumbling along through college while I work or do I quit working so much for a while so I can finish my education in preparation for whatever God has for me? I can't discern this one. I know both the ministries need me. Or I feel like they do. But, then God will not working with one group or another because I am not present. And I'm not being all that effective while I'm super-busy all the time. Maybe focusing on one thing at a time would make me a better minister/servant of others.
Anyone who's reading this have any ideas?
I definitely am convinced that I need to finish some education to get ready for the future of living in God's plan.

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