Tuesday, March 08, 2005


That quote captures/distills something I have been feeling about my own Christian tradition for a while. Did Jesus really come just to "save my soul"? That seems so crass these days. What about that strikes me as arrogant? I guess it's the idea that Jesus' lifetime ministry of loving the oppressed, poor, and outcast was worthless. He didn't do me any good until he died on the Cross. Those 32 years were wasted. He didn't mean the part about setting captives free, proclaiming peace to the oppressed and freedom.
But I see now that God was in Jesus Christ reconciling the entire world to Himself. Creation longs for the ultimate redemption which is in the consummation with Christ.
That means I'm not better or privileged for having found Christ. It's not about me in the least. Christ found me anyways. In spite of worst/best efforts he reached out to me and cleansed me.

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