Monday, March 07, 2005

Reading A lot

So, while I am studying/reading Generous Orthodoxy with my pastor, I am also reading other things in my spare time. Like my psychology textbook, different articles and Donald Miller's Searching for God knows What. It is interesting in Miller and McLaren to read two different views of this emerging culture of postmodernism and its implications in the church and spirituality. Miller comes from a decidedly more relational/real life place, while McLaren is delving into more theoretical issues. All the while, McLaren's Generous Orthodoxy never gets far from relationships. You can sense the way that relationship is forming this whole emerging response, and that makes me so hopeful.
When I look at my local church, where I'm the youth minister, I see a congregation of disconnected isolated individuals who no little about each other's actual lives, outside of how we are on Sunday. This concerns me, especially considering the fact that new people who come to our little church are usually most impressed with our church's closeness. If our church is close, I don't want to see a cold, distant church. Admittedly, our church is very friendly on Sunday mornings, but if we want to talk to anyone in the church during the week, that's our problem.
So, maybe in the postmodern era we will find a way to build intimacy into our churches/communities-- I think that is the thing we need most of.
It looks to me like the Emergent Convention will be an event that empasizes community/fellowship. That has always been a joy even at YS's huge super conventions.

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Daniel said...

"We need to teach truth in the context of relationships." I don't remember where I hear that, but it's so key in youth ministry. Kids are dying for geniune friendships, especially with adults. Does your church have any type of small group ministry? That's so necessary for spiritual growth. Sanctification takes place in community.