Friday, March 25, 2005


A trip... that's how I would describe our visit out west with my in-laws and the various other people we know in the Western Nebraska Region. Let me tell you the whole story with my own crazy commentary. (Note: some elements and occurences have been extra-dramatized to make them funnier than perhaps they were.)
First, we were leaving on Tuesday. Tuesday before last, that is. I had class all day and Amy had MOPS, so it was a busy day to be leaving. I got home around 3:30.
"Okay, I'll take a shower and a nap, then we can go."
After my shower is completed and I'm getting ready to lie down for a nap I say, "Why don't you check when the car rental place closes just to doublecheck?"
"It closes at 6."
(The car rental place is a good 1 1/2 drive away and it is currently 4 PM. Barely any of our stuff is packed.)
"That means we need to leave in thirty minutes," I say, as I get up from my two minute nap.
While driving up to Cape to pick up our rental car, I call the rental place,
"Uh, yeah, we're like coming up to rent a car we reserved and we're running a little late."
"Well, we leave right at 6. So, we won't wait for you."
I mumble something I shouldn't type here and set my cruise at 80.

We made it to the rental place okay, got a pretty nice car, and moved all of our stuff into it.
Soon we were on our way.
At about 6 AM we stopped for gas somewhere near Sidney, NE. It was beginning to get light outside. Our kids were awake for the next 1 1/2 hours. The worst of our ever-loving lives.
We got to the farm around 8 AM. The folks were glad to see us. We were glad to see them, especially since they would probably take our unruly kids all over the farm while we slept.

I won't comment on the wedding rehearsal or the wedding itself, except to say that it was a beautiful (perhaps too beautiful?) service and I wish Brian and Mandy all the blessings and guidance God can provide.

Saturday was our day. We had invited out scores of people to come see us at the farm. Troy and Dayna never showed up.
Before the crowd started coming Neil and I drove to Scottsbluff and had some Taco de Oro. Yum.
It wasn't long after we got back that the friends started showing up, their children playing with the chickens as the parents visited with Amy and myself.

Saturday night was hard. Alexis and Micah had been sick with the flu the whole time we were there. That afternoon she refused to take any medicine. Amy and Donie left to go to the school musical. After most the people left it was Kyle, me, Tom, Alexis, and Micah was asleep. Tom laid Alexis down in his bed to sleep. She had a bit of a fever.
A little while later Tom looked in on her and said "Something's wrong with Alexis." My heart immediately started racing. Going into their room, I found Sissy having a seizure on the bed. I was terrified. I had no idea what was going on. My brain stopped working.
"Tom, call 911."
Tom went to get the phone and call 911.
I was holding Alexis- something had to be seriously wrong.
Tom got on the phone, "Hello, yeah this is Tom ----, we have a two year old girl out here at our place passing away."
Hearing Tom say that didn't help my nerves any.

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