Thursday, September 08, 2005


Last night Amy and I watched the movie "Kinsey". It was a disturbing story of the author of the famed Kinsey Reports. It showed the outwardly moral, but secretly perverse nature of our country at the turn of the century. The most disturbing part is how the study and the newfound sexual freedom starts to tear apart the marriage relationships of those involved.
Alfred Kinsey has been blamed (or credited, in some circles) with the sexual revolution, because of the freedom that his reports resulted in. The thing is, it seems to me like he didn't so much say "do this!" as "this is what people are doing."
If I can use the metaphor, it was as if someone shone a light on the darkside of our nation. Nothing appeared there that wasn't really there. For the first time our country got a good look at itself, and it wasn't pretty.
I was struck by how those who were protecting traditional morality (bravo!) were willing to deceive the children or whoever (boo!) in order to accomplish their goals. Isn't it counterproductive to uphold your system of morality by transgressing that same system in another area? I thought so.
Before I got married I bought or someone bought for us the "Christian sex books" by Wheat and the LaHayes (yes, of Left Behind fame- he was originally a family counselor/author). At least these books were honest about what they knew.

Well, I won't talk about sex anymore. I'll get into trouble.

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