Saturday, January 14, 2006


When I was in high school incense was a very popular item. I remember visiting stores with their large collections of incense, mostly of the stick-variety.
Today I added a censer and incense to my prayer corner. I ordered it from Conciliar Press. I should have ordered the manual with the incense starter kit. Unfortunately, I didn't. I lit the little piece of charcoal and, after dropping it on the floor, put it in the censer and added two honking hunks of incense. Whoa. Soon fragrant smoke was pouring out, and now our entire house smells like the incense. That's not so bad, but I also apparently bought the same incense that my wife says gave her a headache at a church.
What a day.
If anyone has incense/censer pointers for me, it would be great. I mean for the incense to add to my prayer rule, not distract from it.
Pray for me.


T.M. Porter said...

You need some tongs and one of those long lighters for lighting a grill. Hold the charcoal in the tongs, then light and place in the censor. Use just one piece of incense; you'll smoke yourself out real fast with two! Using the censor: you'll want to cense your icons, and also use it to burn varius things that can not be otherwise discarded. Swabs with chrism, old wicks from oil lamps, etc. Good luck, don't burn down your house!

Stacy said...

My suggestion....put your prayer corner outside, eh? Sounds safer to me.