Friday, July 21, 2006


Okay, so I'll admit. I'm pissed about Israel's attack of Lebanon in retribution for the actions of a terrorist group. Their argument is with Hezbollah, not the government of Lebanon and certainly not the innocent civilians of Lebanon.
Lord, have mercy.
Meanwhile, the American government is refusing to push for a ceasefire. How many civilians do the Israelis need to kill before a ceasefire is necessary? Is state-sponsored terrorism somehow justified in their 'war-on-terror' foreign relations agenda?
Here's a link to a site with pictures of the damage in Lebanon and a petition. Warning: these are real pictures of war. Some images will be disturbing.
God the Father of orphans and Caretaker of widows, protect these innocent ones from the acts of an aggressive nation, and the inattentiveness of an apathetic world.
Lord, have mercy.

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john lunt said...

God the Father of orphans is still the God of Israel.

You suggest Israel is guilty of state sponsored terrorism. What about the 800-1000 rockets that Hezbollah has reigned on civilian targets in Israel? I haven't heard of any push to punish the states supporting that kind of terror - almost certainly Iraq or Syria. Someone is supplying them with the rockets and I doubt they are paying retail.

But here's a difference to consider. Israel has been warning people about it's intentions and warning civilians to get out of the area. The terrorists don't warn civilians, they jus fire and try to kill as many as they can.

It is very unlikely that an organization like Hezbollah can operate without some degree of local support. That means many of those "innocent" civilians are probably guilty of supporting their efforts and their aims to destroy israel. The fact that they aren't wearing a uniform doesn't make them any less an enemy.

Afterall the justification Hezbolla and Hamas have used in killing civilians in Israel is that there are no civlians in Israel because of mandatory military service. They justify killing the children of Israelis because they will grow up and be soldiers.

Israel has every right to defend herself. How would Americans respond if a group in Canada or Mexico started firing off 800 rockets at our people. The war wouldn't last long at all and it wouldn't be clean.

War is messy. Hezbollah decided this is the war they wanted. If the lebanese people want to blame anyone let them blame Hezbollah for the cowards they are in trying to use civilians as human shields for their terror.

Israel is the only nation on the planet that has a covenant with God. You may say it's the people of Israel and not the nation. God often didn't distinguish the fact. But it is real and still in effect until this world ends.