Saturday, July 29, 2006


Did I mention that last weekend (7/22) Amy and I went to see one of the final performance of the National Company of Les Miserables? Now, I'm not exactly a big fan of the musicals. I get really distracted by the way they keep breaking into song. Couldn't we do something about that?
Anyways, the show was amazing. And almost as amazing was the Fox Theatre in St. Louis,
where we saw it. Unfortunately, they don't allow any pictures to be taken in the theatre. None at all. So, we didn't even get a picture of us all dressed up for the show. Unfortunate. We were stunning. Especially my wife.

So, this week was a long one of lots of hours spent at the package center.
Today we're taking the kids camping, hopefully at the state park about 25 minutes from here. This will be our first attempt at camping as a family. In fact, even though Amy and I both loved camping growing up, we haven't ever camped as a family. We bought some new camping gear yesterday- hopefully we will camp more now.

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Stacy said...

I don't like Elephants or Donkeys anymore. I actually am quite heart-broken over what I see in Israel & Lebanon. But I'm also heart-broken that a world stands by while thousands in Darfur are still being killed in the holocaust of our generation. I'm heart-broken that children in Tanzania huff every night until they pass-out so they don't have to endure hunger pains. I'm heart-broken that children in my own city are being raped by their own fathers. I'm heart-broken that people working to mine diamonds are having limbs whacked off at the slightest suspision that they might pocket a diamond, just so women can flaunt their 3 Karot diamonds and make their girlfriends jealous, so that they feel the need to throw-up after every they can be thin enough to get a man to buy them blood diamonds.

GGGGGRRRRRRRRRR! The point is that we live in a fallen world. It's hard to be an informed citizen and keep any sort of joy. I often just want to stop reading the newspaper, stop watching the news, and just live like most Americans! Ignorance is bliss!

Sen. Hagel and all the Politicians of the world combined (even if they had perfect ideals) cannot offer any hope for this suffering. Only Christ, loving people through his grossly imperfect Church can offer any hope. MARANATHA!~~~ (sorry for the rant)