Wednesday, August 22, 2007


My classes started yesterday. I was laughing at how easy my last semester will be with 3 100-level courses in the same semester. Each class requires (amond other things) a 3 page *gasp* research paper. If there's one thing my philosophy major has prepared me for it is writing papers. And 3 pages ain't much.
Work was not so fun last night. I've been getting home late lately.
On a positive note I have my graduation application in and now I have all of my missing requirements waived or met with the current semester. Graduation here I come. I really will get my bachelor's degree before my thirtieth birthday.

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Alexandria Diane said...

Not that I don't want you to graduate, but I'm really not looking forward to your graduating. Once you graduate, you guys are leaving. I don't want you to leave! Then I will have one less excuse to go back to Cape, not to mention one less place to stay =(