Friday, August 17, 2007


Did I mention that job has gotten a lot more enjoyable in the past few weeks? Since about May I had been in a job within the center for which I was not well-suited. And believe I tried to make it work. Not very successfully. So, now a young buck who is eager for a long-term career with UPS has taken over that supervisory position, so I have gone back to my old position of overseeing operations-related computer tasks, customer service tasks and (woohoo!) supervising the guys on the carwash at the end of the sort.
Loads of fun.
It hasn't been so great lately what with the 100+ weather and the center being a giant metal barn with a belt down the middle.
Oh well.
My classes start on Tuesday. I am busy making sure all deficiencies are taken care of so I can graduate in December. This summer I got registered/certified as a substitute teacher, so I'm hoping to get some extra work subbing this fall. (I only have class on Tuesdays/Thursdays). I'm pretty excited about this semester, as I have some fairly easy classes and then I have an independent study with the campus RC chaplain, Fr. Patrick. He has his Ph.D. from the Lateran University in Rome, so I'm looking forward to studying Philosophy of Religion with him.
That's what I'm doing. Now I should help my wife prepare lunch.

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Alexandria Diane said...

Where will you be subbing?