Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Monastery Trip

Hopefully I will shortly post a photo from our trip to Holy Presentation Monastery in Marshfield, MO. Three of us from Nativity and 1 man from St. Nicholas made the trip down to spend some time working in the yard.
The monastery is fairly new, so there is lots of work to do down there, if anyone has time or expertise to offer.
Our group had no expertise to offer, just sweat. So, we spent a few hours spreading wood chips on what will be reflection/walking trails. The area is naturally beautiful, and peaceful. One of my friends commented on the way back that it felt like we were on 'holy ground.' We were.
The Springfield, MO area will be blessed for many years with the presence of these women living lives of prayer in their vicinity.
I'm looking forward to taking my family down to the monastery within the next few months, hopefully after the chapel is completed.

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