Wednesday, September 05, 2007


This fall as Amy and I realize how broke we are I also happen to have Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays off from classes. I still work evenings at UPS, but I'm home all day on those days. So, I'm already on the substitute teacher list at Jackson Middle School through High School, and I'm applying at Cape schools and sent my resume to Notre Dame (a giant regional Catholic high school) yesterday. I really need to sub at least one day a week through the end of the semester. More days would mean more money (which is good, I hear).

For the future, Amy and I are starting to seriously look towards our move back to Nebraska. Kearney, Nebraska, to be exact. How strange is that that we have a town in Nebraska picked out that is around 4 hours from her parents', has a university where she can finish her bachelor's and has an Orthodox church? Too cool.

So, now I am searching in earnest for a job in Kearney. One where having BA will help me make more money, but probably one where a BA in Philosophy and Religion doesn't much matter. The point really isn't to get into a Philosophy career, but to get plugged into a church and grow until I can go to seminary.

So, anybody out there, if you pray, pray for me to find a job.

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