Saturday, December 11, 2004

Sitting at home

It's the most wonderful time...of the year...

I'm sitting here at my house. It's pretty cold outside. I just noticed I haven't posted since like Monday or something. I'm pretty worthless at blogging since my blog went public. I have been working on the websites for Cville YL. That's been pretty fun. Other than that, I haven't been doing much.

Amy and I are supposed to go to the Madrigal tonite. We're having trouble finding a babysitter, so I think I've convinced Amy to find a gal to go with. I hope she does. That'd be good for her to do some contact work on her own.
Anyways.. I'm thinking that blogging is dead for me. It has lost some of its fun-ness.

I started this week on the Topical Memory System. It's been great. I've memorized the first eight verses. I guess you're actually supposed to memorize them slower, but I'm working on memorizing the New Believer pack, and didn't figure I had to work too hard on those. But they are good.

Well, now I'm done writing, and I've not said much. I pray that I would be writing something of a bit more consequence soon, but not too much consequence.

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Steve F. said...

Perhaps it's time to "run away" to an anonymous blog, brother...some place where you can "let it all hang out," as it were. But think of a way to let those of us who care about hearing your voice and "seeing your true colors" know where you go. When you share from the heart, it's a powerful thing.

I do believe that (regardless of the topic) when "the thrill is gone," it's time to stop. Unless it's something that involves a vow or promise (like marriage, for instance) doing something "because I *should*" is nonsense. It becomes a drain and a drag - and life's too short for that. And dining on vanilla pudding just because you don't want to offend anyone with the jalapenos can be such a deadly bore.

I blog anonymously because of the things I share about the 12-step groups - anonymity is about humility, and about principles before personalities." But I also find that blogging anonymously gives me a valuable place to blow off steam...and that's an important safety-valve in my life. So I hope you can find a way to do it.