Wednesday, December 01, 2004


Yesterday my blog was wandered onto by my roomate from Bible School. How cool is that? Anyways, it was good to talk to him. It seems like we knew each other in a past life- that's how vastly different our lives are now.

I'm tired and recuperating from my visit with the in-laws over the past week. It was great, but very tiring. Now we get to go back to our normal routines and be the Hadleys once again. Sometimes when her family's in town we have to be her family for a while. Oh well.

I'm playing around on Napster right now. Just doing my part to support The Man and keep a brother down.

Anyways. I had an awesome campaigner Bible Study time last night with my guys. They we more irritable than usual, but we had an awesome time of studying in John's Gospel. I guess it's random things like that that God gives me to keep me going.
And now I'm going to do something else. Blessings.

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Michel said...

Hey dude,

I happened upon your blog and wanted to share some thoughts on the emerging church. I'm a seminary student and I am headed that ministry direction myself. Check out my blog I just started "Cathedral Days".