Monday, December 13, 2004

Today Again

Every morning I write something witty about the weather. The weather here is just doing nothing. It's not particularly cold or extremely hot. It's just there. It's, in fact, pretty sunny, but that's not affecting the temperature.

Let's see, Thursday I took an oral exam for my spanish class. I got a perfect score on a graded ten minute conversation with a Colombian professor. How cool is that?

This weekend I spent a lot of time at home. But it was the kind of time at home that didn't make me completely crazy. Our little family fits well in our little house.

Yesterday Amy and I went to our probable new house across the river. We bought some picnic food and had lunch there. That was fun. The kids were excited. They were actually pretty disappointed when we didn't stay there for the night or something.

Other than that, I'm working on re-focusing the youth ministry at the church. It's a pleasure. Then I'm working on the TMS packets. That's really fun actually.

Now, on the topic of writing anonymously. I definitely need to. I am withering on the vine, so to speak, with this as my creative output. If any of you read my haiku from over the weekend you know what I mean. I guess I'll think about that. I don't want to risk risking bringing any shame or anything like it on the ministry which I'm working hard at.

That's all I'm concerned about. And that's what makes me really nervous when I'm writing on my blog now.

Whenever my blog went public locally my boss said, "What were you thinking? Why don't you just email that to some people?" Maybe I will. My private thoughts might be best private for a while.

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Steve F. said...

First, a clever comment on the weather: it was 14 degrees here on the south-side of Chicago, with winds up to forty-miles-an-hour. A friend of mine who came to seminary from Phoenix met me this morning and said that "the temperature was 'oh, my God' with a wind-chill of 'holy $%&#'." So if you're still at "having-a-picnic" weather, you're having a good day...

And I'll say it again - doing an anonymous blog (I mean, "full-stealth-mode engaged") will do you good. Let you get real, brother. Just don't name the next one after just a different nickname of need to do something.