Wednesday, August 24, 2005

My saga continues

Monday Micah and I both started school. He went to school on a bus equipped with booster seats. I went in my 1992 Honda Accord that was given to me by the church, who got it from some missionaries leaving for the Dominican Republic.
My classes so far aren't a real stretch. I only have 12 hours, but I'm trying to get into Spanish 3, since I changed my minor to Spanish. Interestingly even though my classification is junior, I have three 100-level courses. Oh well. It means I have a semester to get accustomed to being a fulltime student again.
Today I used a break in classes to visit the illustrious Kent Library. It was fairly nice. In my never-ending exploration of the church in all its forms (particularly the orthodox forms lately), I did a quick search for Bishop KALLISTOS and found his classic The Orthodox Church. I read that for the rest of my break, and plan on reading it more tonight. I am still planning on visiting St. John's on Sunday. Maybe I'll take my friend John with me. It's up to him, I guess.
In answer to the comment from Bernie: Yes, you're right. And the unchangeing nature of the orthodox church is probably what I'm looking for. It is a ways to the nearest Orthodox church (1.5 hrs), so I will take a bit longer to make a year (or a month) of sundays, especially since I'm quite committed to my current church. (even though I don't work there anymore.)
So, I will hopefully comment some on Bishop KALLISTOS' book. Not that I would presume to correct him. Most of what I've read so far I'd already picked up from hours exploring the websites of the different Orthodox jurisdictions and a few church websites.
Many blessings on anyone who reads this blog. I know it's not very interesting.

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