Thursday, August 18, 2005

Some more thoughts.

Bob Hyatt posted on here that he knew some evangelicals who went to the orthodox faith years ago. He thought that this could have been a pre-pre-cursor to what we've come to know and love as the emerging church. Frederica Matthewes-Green writes in an emergentYS title, and I'd imagine probably what she proposes and even encourages. So, the question remains, why is it that we don't throw our chips with the Orthodox faith?
To me, the problem is an old modern age holdover -- individualism. We talk about how the individual self was a modern construct- probably true. Then we continue to evaluate faith systems based on how it lines up with our conceptions of logic and culture. I, for one, am totally ready to give up my individual rights to be swallowed up in a whole community that is actively seeking and proclaiming truth. Isn't it from Orthodox theology that we get the emphasis on the trinity which will be our anchor in the trying times ahead?
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