Wednesday, January 17, 2007

change of minor

Not that it makes a big difference to anyone out there, but yesterday I changed my minor from Spanish to Religion. And let me explain.
Originally I chose my minor as Spanish simply because I had eight hours of spanish coming into SEMO. After a while, I kept going with my Spanish because it would be a marketable/useful skill to have in job hunting.
Well, I am a Spanish and my Spanish really isn't getting better from classes. What I lack is motivation and practice. So, my Spanish classes are getting harder and harder and my Spanish is not improving. If I wanted to use Spanish as a job skill, I would definitely have to improve, which means lots of practice, which doesn't necessarily involve having a minor in it.
That being said, I've also been thinking about seminary and grad school. If I don't end up going to seminary, will I have to be stuck working at UPS my whole life? I hope not.
Well, Amy and I talked about having grad school/academia as a back up to seminary. So, if I graduate with a BA in Philosophy and a minor in Religion, that will serve me well; and, if I don't go to seminary and go to grad school to pursue a PhD in Philosophy of Religion, then my undergrad degree will serve me well. Either way, I'll have the degree that's best suited to my longterm goals.
As far as Spanish, I do intend to set aside some time to practice/learn Spanish in my free time.

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