Sunday, January 28, 2007

It's winter here

It's winter here, although there probably won't be any snow.
We're preparing to have friends over for lunch this afternoon.
In an hour or so our family will say the morning prayers together.
That's our custom when we can't make the drive to St. Louis for Liturgy.
The kids don't mind. They especially like me to read the life of a Saint commemorated today.
Oh, and the Gospel reading. Then, most Sunday afternoons (when we're home) we take the kids to Barnes and Noble and read to them for a while. (Our B&N has a sizeable children's section.)
Next week, we'll be in Madison for Liturgy and the annual parish meeting. As someone who has previously worked in professional christianity, I have little or no desire to engage in the 'business' of being church. However, as a Christian who recognizes the necessity of the physical manifestation of the Body of Christ, I shouldn't eschew the business side.

My Old Testament Literature professor is a Sunday School teacher at our local Episcopal Church. They're reading Bishop KALLISTOS' The Orthodox Church, and when he heard I was a convert to Orthodoxy, he invited me to share with his Sunday School class. Interesting.
So, the Sunday after next I'll be sharing my journey to the ancient faith with a room full of highly-educated (slightly intimidating) Episcopalians.
I assured him that I am not an authority on Orthodoxy or even a particularly good Orthodox Christian, but that I could share some of the reasons I converted and share my experience.
I talked to Father; he said he thought it sounded like a great opportunity. I told him I would be going in the next few weeks, as I plan to give up Episcopalians for Lent.
(that got a chuckle out of him)

Well, other than that, school is going well. Classes are fairly easy, since I dropped my Spanish minor. Two philosophy classes and three religion classes.
Work is okay. Something about that place makes me feel like I am losing my soul. Pray for me.

If I have offended you in any way, please forgive me.

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