Sunday, January 14, 2007


I haven't posted much during Christmas Break. My classes start on Tuesday. I'm taking: World Religions, Conversational Spanish, Ancient Philosophy, Media Ethics and Contemporary European History. Woohoo! On a brighter note, I should finish all but my practicum for my philosophy major this semester, so I'll finish that and my Spanish minor in the fall, as well as some fluff to fill out my schedule. Then I'll be a guy with a Bachelor's.
Anyways, while I haven't been posting much, I especially have not been giving much of an explanation for my recent reorientation within christendom (recent, although it has been a long time coming).
Many (if anyone reads this blog) who come here probably knew me as a Protestant Evangelical (at times a bit of a Fundamentalist, as well). So, while I have no intention of arguing with old friends and Evangelical comrades, I will offer this link to the Orthodox Church in America's Introduction to Orthodox Christianity:
It includes a question and answer section as well as lengthy descriptions of all of the areas of dogma in the Church.
If you don't buy it, that's fine. I know I have found the fullness of the historic Christian Church in the Orthodox Church, and it is where I intend to stay.

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Ugljesa said...

Dear brother,

welcome to the ship..

greetings from Belgrade, Serbia!

yours in Christ,