Friday, April 01, 2005

I'm a nerd and a geek.

Well, I got a new Bible yesterday. Amy actually both got new Bibles. I've been waiting until the TNIV was done to buy a new Bible because I think it is the best Bible translation found for both public and private use. That's the kind of Bible I need. I might sometimes still use my NAS when I speak to older groups. Anyways, since I was really excited to get a new Bible Randall says I'm a nerd. He's probably right.

I'm thinking even more seriously about getting off the career track for a while and pursuing a Bachelor's in Philosophy somewhere full time. It would be tough on us as a family, but our kids certainly aren't going to get younger. They get more expensive all the time!

Last night my friend Brandon and I borrowed JY's boat and put in at the boat club. The boat club is on a chute off the Mississippi, so it's big and scary. Especially in the dark. Especially in a little johnboat with a trolling motor to get around. Heeheheh.. Well, we didn't catch anything, but we scared the bejeebies out of ourselves. That is one huge body of water, and we never left the chute. (don't plan to, either.) Planning on going out there again tomorrow only heading up the chute into the bayou. That should be fun. I'm pretty sure we won't catch much.
Yeehaw. My crazy life.

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