Friday, April 29, 2005

So I haven't blogged in a while

I haven't written a thing on this blog in a while. Sometimes I write, think, and do things in a cycle. When I'm thinking about serious things it is hard for me to write without 'tipping my hand', so to speak.
The last week or so has been pretty rough. Last Wednesday I found out that one of my high school friends, Ted, had a tumor. That afternoon I drove to Memphis to visit him in LeBonheur. He was doing pretty well. His surgery was scheduled for Friday. Friday I showed up at his hospital room at 9:30 AM to visit. His older brother was there, too. We're pretty tight. So, I played poker, with Ted and two brothers. A few hours later it was time for Ted to go in for the five-hour surgery of removing the tumor. His family said, Levi will you lead us in prayer. So I did. We committed Ted to God's care and asked for peace for our hearts. Then we all followed him as far as we could down to the OR and ICU. Ted's mom turns to me and says, "Levi, come here, you're our minister." I was kind of shocked, but honored, so I went into the Prep room with Ted and his parents. I grabbed Ted's hand. You know the way tough guys do, and I cried on him. He look terrified.
It was at that point that I knew I had to see Ted when he came out.
So I visited with his family. And I visited with his family.
At one point I had a great conversation with Ted's dad in the hospital chapel.
Finally, about seven hours later Ted was ready for us to see him.
What a relief to see Ted doing okay, and his grumpy self.
Did I mention that in the process Jake and I shaved our heads in Ted's hospital room?
And did I also mention that along in there somewhere about 50 kids at CHS shaved their heads? [Thanks Bro. Jim, if you read this.]

So, that's been my week. It's been long and tiring. Yesterday was my last day of class. Finals next week. Today Amy and I drive to Branson with the kids for a Staff Family Weekend with our folks from across the state.
In a couple of weeks Amy and I will be going to the Emergent Convention in Nashville.
It's going to get hectic. I'm going to take my laptop everywhere I can and blog as much as possible in this crazy month. Did I mention that in May I will celebrate my 27th birthday, as well as our 5th anniversary?

Hasta la vista.

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