Monday, April 11, 2005

Working Working

I've been hard at work today getting stuff together for club tonight and doing whatever it is I do.

Missional Church has been a challenging read. Both challenging in the sense of using big words/concepts, taking a while to get through AND challenging as in deconstructing a lot of what I thought I knew about church. I don't have much to respond with yet.

My wife started reading The Last Word and highlighting it. She and I talked a little about it. She already thinks McLaren's apparent laxness with the teaching of universalism will cause divisive problems. I can see that. I don't think he comes out in favor of our against universalism. That might be the problem everyone sees.

I am still trying diligently not to start reading the Wallis book, but I think I might give that up.

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Daniel said...

So is McLaren an universalist? Or an inclusivist? Or is he just to scared to actually hold a position? :)
I wish that he would actually make a stand on this issue.