Sunday, June 26, 2005

College Bound

All right. This morning I announced my resignation to the church body. They received it well. The elders are especially supportive of us. Since we're not moving anywhere we will have the unique option to become regular members and continue to attend TSC, but we'll see.
The craziest thing happened tonight. One of the deacons, with whom I wouldn't consider myself to be very tight, made an offer to contribute $5K a year to see me continue my education on the condition that when I attend seminary it be a seminary which he would see as evangelical. So, I'm off to college, it's paid for, and the Lord works in mysterious ways.
On top of that we have gained some new friends in the church since we began announcing our resignation. I guess now that we're leaving (maybe) people want to hang out with us.
Blessings on my readers, both of you.

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