Wednesday, June 08, 2005


Hey, I just was tipped off to this site:
I went there and was appalled. This is about as low as nationalism/civic religion has sunk in America. Come on, guys. How can we see Bush unerringly as God's man in spite of his many verbal jousts and talk of holy war? This is no holy war! God forbid that Jeb run after GWB is done. I don't think this nation could survive another eight years of the Bush clan.
This sticker campaign is one of the pretty good reasons the average American doesn't think much of Christianity or Christians. Hey- that's not Christ they're rejecting! It's us.


Daniel said...

You liberal! Hehehehe

Steve F. said...

Wear that "liberal" badge with pride, Levi.

I stopped believing in the divine right of presidents when JFK died (OK, I was 5 at the time...). Surviving Watergate, Iran-Contra-gate, and other bright spots in the nation's history has given me a rather jaundiced view of the presidency in general, and this pseudo-Christian-iman in particular.

Scary thought: the Republicans who could succeed W are potentially more terrifying than he is...

Rejecting a president who goes to church and professes to follow Christ (but whose actions don't echo that) is not the same as rejecting Christianity. But that's a whole post unto itself.