Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Young Marrieds Without Children

So, this week (since saturday) Amy and I are seeing what it would be like to be Young Marrieds Without Children. Our kids are in Michigan at my mom's house. Life is a bit more slow-paced with just the two of us. Yesterday we had to go to Jackson to get me a new cell phone. Apparently after about a year and a half a cell phone's software is outdated. What a racket. I gave in to the Man. Bought a new phone.
We went to the park last night and played croquet. We were supposed to have a couple of guys join us, but none showed up. Oh dread.
So we came to watch the Six Feet Under DVD that came in the mail yesterday. But the sleeve had the wrong disc in there. So now we have to wait until Disc 4 gets here. Shoot.
What else is there to say?
Tonight we're having our committee meeting at our house.

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