Wednesday, November 24, 2004

My Brother

If you're a regular reader you maybe have noticed the change of format a bit, and the apology for and deletion of my entire blog. I regret that my wife had to delete the thing in the interest of damage control. Oh well. The Lord gives and He takes away.
I wanted to comment a little on that situation. You see, there is a pastor in town who doesn't make it a secret that he doesn't agree with Young Life's philosophy or methods. I can respect that. I respect a lot of people I don't agree with.
Reading random linked blogs one day he read my blog. And he recognized who I was and was concerned. Now, this is a guy who has nothing to gain by helping to protect the integrity of Young Life in this community. Maybe some days he'd like to see us just leave. But his heart was for the students to and with whom I minister. He didn't want to see them stumble from my public failure.
I am deeply touched, and I couldn't say how touched I was when I sat in his office. It fills me with hope to know that we are truly about building God's Kingdom and not our individual ones. I don't even want a kingdom, and neither does he. We both want kids to have a life-changing encounter with Jesus Christ, and that makes all the differences fade away.
I count myself honored to serve Christ alongside this brother who had the integrity and the love to ask me personally and help me to ensure the reputation of the ministry.
Thanks, brother. You know who you are.

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