Wednesday, November 17, 2004


What is the nature of the relationship between a minister and the people to whom he/she ministers?
Lately I have been challenged and confronted with my inaction sometimes on using the influence I have with kids.
I know that this is an area where I am weak and need to grow.

Right now I'm thinking of something Nouwen said in In The Name of Jesus. He pointed out that in western thought we tend to like to dichotomize our world. We separate the minister from the ministered as a general rule. But, the truth be told, there is a great degree of ministry which happens mutually. As we are ministering in the lives of others, we are touched and changed.

My problem is with discipline or the lack thereof. I fail to hold kids accountable sometimes when I should. That the area in which I need most to grow.

So, I'm going to, with God's grace, begin to call kids to account. I'm going to begin to 'bring myself to bear' in the lives of the kids I love. I am not doing kids any favors when I don't call them to treat me like they would treat any other adult.

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Jeff Stilwell said...

Hits to close to home. I am in the same boat. We are working on accountability in our group. I would much rather them hold each other accountable than to have to do it myself. The struggle seems to be, am I a leader or friend? Can I be both? If I am, the way they define leader and friend will have to change. I'm prayin for you.