Wednesday, November 24, 2004

The Rabbi Jesus

This morning I spoke at the prayer breakfast about Jesus as a rabbi and his encounter with the hemorrhaging woman.
I told this group of aged men that Jesus could heal their hurting souls. The problem they probably don't think of themselves as having hurting souls. None of us really do.

Today I'm going paint balling with a group of guys from the 'ville. It should be a lot of fun and memories. I'm looking forward to shooting some kids and having a lot of laughs. We'll go out to eat afterwards so we can tell all the stories and enjoy ourselves.

I haven't blogged in a while. I guess I'm a little shy after last week. That's probably good. Maybe before long I'll start a parallel blog under a pseudonym and keep it more anonymous. Who knows. I know I like/need the venue to air my thoughts without fear of distress and retribution.

This morning I'm amazed at the calling that I have received and am receiving from God to serve and love high school kids. What a joy.

Monday night we had a new potential leader come to our team meeting and stay around for club. Club went really well. For some reason numbers were down a little. But the kids were amazing. It was one of my favorite talk nights, the Need talk. When I told kids that I believe they act out of the pain and disappointment in their lives, and challenged that they were searching for God, they were really keyed in. What an awesome opportunity.

But anyway, this leader wasn't familiar with Young Life, so I filled him in on the background, philosophy and methods of YL. He was excited. When I showed him the camp video it sealed the deal. Oh yeah. Then he was excited to see a group of wild students listening intently to grown person talk to them about Jesus. And the coolest thing is who this guy is and has been. He's a 28 year old African American who was previously a hard street kind of guy and since he's come to Christ, he has a desire to walk beside kids and love them to Jesus. How cool is that? With our house getting sold and getting a new leader within a week I don't know if my heart can take much more excitement.

My in-laws are here for Thanksgiving. That's pretty cool. We're having a good time. Last night I cleaned out my wife, my father-in-law, and my bro-in-law at poker. I think my dad-in-law thinks I gamble a lot now. Oh well. If I did I hope I could win like that. Probably not. I won't try to find out.

We have a staff meeting soon, then I have class, then it's off to paint ball and C'ville.

A blessing on all my readers. May God enter your home and hearts this Thanksgiving and fill your life with the joy of gratitude.

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