Thursday, November 18, 2004

our house

Amy and I decided to start trying to sell our house last fall. It has only been showed like five or six times. Today we accepted an offer on it where we will break even. That's all we needed to move.
So, it looks like, if everything goes okay, we will be living in Caruthersville by December 28.
We're really stoked. We have really fallen in love with the kids and the town of Caruthersville. This gives the opportunity to more available for them. Besides that it should give us a little more free time together as a family, since I don't have to drive a forty-five minute round trip to visit the school where I'm Young Life-ing.
We've prayed so hard and felt so discouraged about this whole selling the house thing, that it feels great to even be this close.
Please pray that the closing would go off without a hitch, and that we'd be able to find a place to live in when we leave this house.

Isn't this adventure of following Jesus stuff awesome??!!

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