Saturday, May 21, 2005

Home at last

We returned home this evening. Our house has the funny smell a house gets when you leave the air conditioning off for a few days. I guess it's the smell of the heated wood floors and what not.

A few things I've concluded:
  • The emergent conversation is generally headed in a generally good direction. With the diversity of voices I feel comfortable with the fact that in some way God is guiding this conversation in a direction that will bless the church, and more importantly, the world.
  • Because of our understanding and practice of what someone this week termed "epistemological humility", it is unnecessary and even contradictory to spend time "converting", "setting free" or otherwise arguing with absolutists of any stripe. We have nothing to prove.
  • I need to find or start and emergent cohort in this area with whom I can share ideas, visit, and travel. Maybe that will be a goal of my fall semester.

All in all, I feel blessed to be headed on this journey with such a beautiful group of people.

For my investigating- emergent-friends, check out the order/practices for emergent friends.

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