Monday, May 30, 2005

Senior Sunday

Yesterday was senior sunday. I think I started this tradition a few years ago, whenever I was a bit newer. It is a great opportunity to honor our seniors and their families.
The two seniors in our church who graduated this year are great. They were in the eighth grade when I became the youth minister at the church, so I've watch them grow quite a bit.

In particular, I was struck again by the importance of intergenerational relationships in the church. One boy, the pastor's son, said, "I was nine months old when we moved here. You guys are all that I know. You're like family to me." After the kids had a chance to share their future plans with the body, and thank whoever, we presented them with a gift and had the elders up to pray over them. It was moving. Not a lot of dry eyes through the whole service.

Well, what kind of traditions/rites of passage do you have in your faith communities? Comment.

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