Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Okay, I'm torqued.

Did anyone else read this CNN story?


In it, Dick Cheney says that he thinks it was irresponsible of Amnesty to speak about Human rights violations in the detention facilities at Gitmo in their annual report on Human Rights:


Cheney said, "The US has liberated and given freedom to more people than any other nation in the modern world."
Is this supposed to be an excuse/permission to abuse prisoners and hold no one accountable?
I'm sorry, Mr. Vice President. You don't speak for me! Amnesty International is an authoritative voice on human rights. If they were agreeing with us, we would certainly hail the results. Now is the time for this administration to repent!


Anonymous said...

wow you are a liberal. Amnesty International is a group like the ACLU which has done little good for this country and more damage then can ever be repaired. Amnesty Int. claimed the conditions are sooo bad in Gitmo and it simply is not true. They have more religious freedoms in that prison then we do here in America. After their fasting is done for ramadah (sp?) they are provided honey and whatever else they need to honor their false religion.
Keep believing the news media.... look there goes another sheep.......

Blog World said...

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